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A story of Craftsmanship


how it started

Serving through Quality Products

Here at Wood Stones we strive to keep our values our main priority, while also serving our customers with quality products. The heart behind Wood Stones is so much more than a toy or an eye catching accent on your desk (though we cover that as well!) 

Who we are

We are a small family-run business based out of Northern Alberta with family in SW Saskatchewan who work alongside us. Together, we value family, strong workmanship, and ethically sourced items that will last a lifetime. This is why every Wood Stone that you receive is handcrafted in our own shop. From cutting and sanding, to packaging and shipping, it’s all done right here. 


We use wood made from maple, walnut, spalted birch, and mesquite trees. Then cut and sanded to a variety of sizes, and finished with a food safe mineral oil and a light coat of beeswax (sourced locally from our brothers Family Apiary!). You can trust that Wood Stones are made from the finest products with you + your family in mind! 

While visiting our family farm in Saskatchewan, our kids were enjoying building with jumbo blocks made out of wood. Their Grandpa began reminiscing about he and his siblings playing with these same blocks when he was a kid, over 60 years ago. This sparked motivation to come up with our own version of these “jumbo blocks”. Being in the thick of the toddler years ourselves, we appreciate toys of good quality that will last. Here at Wood Stones that is what we strive for. Our goal is that when you purchase a set of Wood Stones, you will be able to pass them down for generations to come. 

More than a toy

Wood Stones started out as a children’s toy, however once we started building them, we saw their natural beauty. We’d hate to limit these as “just a toy” when they are so much more than that. Each one with its own unique wood grain, colouring, and shape sparks interest from both children and adults alike. Purchase Wood Stones for your kids, and teach them creativity, precision, and hand eye coordination. But also sneak a few for decor on your shelf, something to fiddle with at your work desk, or a pretty centrepiece on your table.


Thanks for visiting us at Wood Stones, and know that when you purchase from us, you’re supporting a small, Canadian run family business!

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